Spiral Wound Tube Heat Exchanger

New Concept Type Tube and Shell Heat Exchanger, Spiral Wound Tube Heat Exchanger
The Spiral Wound Tube Heat Exchanger showcases a new innovation on the tube side. The development of Spiral Wound Tube bundle creates a strong turlulent flow through the tube side. It greatly improves the efficiency of thermal transfer with between 3 to 7 times higher than conventional Tube and Shell Heat Exchanger. The max. heat transfer coefficient can be as high as 14000W/㎡℃.  
Additionally, scaling tendencies are much lower. The spiral wound cylindrical structure completely eliminates the "pull-off" force between the tubes and the tube plates, greatly extending the product’s lifespan. Compared to an equivalent S&T heat exchanger, its around 1/10 of the size thus saving valuable space and material.

The spiral tube is wound into a central column with several layers, creating a tube that is much longer than a coventional tube. This results in a significantly increased transfer area for a given volume as well as a  higher thermal transfer coefficient. This heat exchanger has a more compact strutural design and can handle pressure fluctuations and has a "self offset" for thermal expansion.. It is also suitable for multi-fluid applications.
Material of constructions are 316L or Higher Class Stainless Steal Tube with threaded corrugation surface, ensuring that scaling will hardly adhere to the tube surface and through the thermal expansion process any deposits gets removed. 

If you have enquiries for this type of Heat Exchanger we can assist with designs, drawings and proposals for your consideration.
Spiral Wound Tube Heat Exchanger
New Concept Type Tube and Shell Heat Exchanger, Sp...
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