HESSA Quality Control

HESSA execute the manufacture of  each Heat Exchanger against an approved "Quality Plan" and "Inspection and Testing Plan". 

Quality Control Measurements

1. Weldment Physical Testing for Welded Plate Heat Exchanger

Tensile Strength Testing

Macroscopic Examination

2. HESSA PMS Management

For supply of raw materials, we select the most qualified vendor and furthermore, we execute PMS analysis on each supplied material.


Spectral instruments used during Raw Material Inspections (SS316L,Titanium, Nickel or Hastelloy Sheets for Plate Heat Exchanger)


3 Non Destructive Testing” Measurements

We execute “VT, PT, UT, RT” inspections for different welding Jobs.


PT Inspection (generally applicable for Pressed Corrugated Plates of Plate Heat Exchanger)


UT Inspection (generally applicable for main structure welding when RT cannot be used. Used for Welded Spiral heat exchanger NDT)


RT Inspection (generally applicalbe for critical structure stress welding, for plate heat exchangers)


4. HESSA Coating and Painting Measurements


Shot Blasting of Carbon Steel is performed before any coating is applied 


Standard Painting procedure consists of Three Layers:

First Layer: Alloy Paints

Second Layer: PU-700 Paints

Third Layer: EP-999