Plate Heat Exchanger-Sanitary Application

Item No.: 002

Plate Heat Exchanger for Sanitary Application

 The Plate Heat Exchanger (Multi-Section) is Widely used in Dairy plant for Pasteurization and Cooling process.During milk Ultra High Temperature Pasteurization, the low temperature milk passed into Heat Recovery Section Plate Heat Exchanger through Balance Tank1 and Material Pump2, the milk will be pre-heated there. After pre-heating, the milk will enter into homogenizer for homogenizing. After that, it will enter into Heating Section of Plate Heat Exchanger, and be heat into 137℃. The milk will be insulated 4 second at 137 ℃ for UHT. After UHT, the milk will enter into Cooling Section of Plate Heat Exchanger. After Cooling, the milk can be packaged.

Pasteurzation System
ShineHeat is in position to provide Build-in Skid for Pasteuraztion System, which is automatically and semi-automatically realize Milk, Juice or Yogurt's Pasteurizing, Separating and Homogenizing whole process.
The Unti integrates Plate or Tubular Pasteurizer, Separator and Homogenizer with Sanitary Valve, Pump and Pipeline, Plus Service One-Stop for customer demand.




Pasteuraztion System Work Process Diagram