NaOH Cooler-Typical Application for Plate Heat Exchanger

Shineheat plate heat exchanger apply for Caustic Soda Cooler

In Chlor-alkali chemical plant, the Caustic Soda Solution need to cool or thermal recycle during the production process. Plate and Gasket Heat Exchanger or Welded Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger play the important role during cooling or heat exchanging process.
In order to make qualified products, the Caustic Soda Solution need to reach specific temperature range. This job is definitely implemented by High efficient Plate type heat exchanger.
Now Shineheat offer a Plate heat exchanger as Caustic Soda Cooler at Chlor-alkali plant.
Following is design data sheet of plate heat exchanger.
Model                  :   AT100B/71/PN10/NICKEL/EPDM
Project:                :  NaOH Cooler
Item                     :                                                                Date           :  2018/09/07
Fluid                                                                        32.0% NaOH              Water
Mass flow rate                                            kg/h       15000                          63600
Fluid Condensed/Vapourized                      kg/h       0.000                           0.000
Inlet temperature                                          ¡ãC       80.0                             32.0
Outlet temperature(vapor/liquid)                  ¡ãC       40.0                            40.0
Operating pressure(In/Out)                         bara       /                                 
Pressure drop(Perm/Calc)                            kPa       100/1.53                      50.0/33.1
Velocity Connection(In/Out)                         m/s       0.406/0.398                 2.26/2.27
Heat exchanged                                            kW       590.5
Heat transfer area                                         m2       17.75
O.H.T.C clean conditions                     W/(m2*K)       1866
O.H.T.C service                                   W/(m2*K)       1672
Additional Excess Surface                                 %       11.6
Mean Temperature Difference                          K       19.9
Relative direction of the fluids                                    Countercurrent
No. of plates                                                             71
No. of effective plates                                                69
Number of passes                                                     1                                 1
Extension capacity                                                     20
Plate Material: 0.6mm Nickel 201 Plate
Gasket Material: EPDM
In view of High Corrosive feature of Caustic Soda, we use 0.6mm Nickel 201 material sheet as Plates. The Nickel 201 raw material comes from Nippon of Japan, the Ni Composition is 99.5%. Furthermore, Shineheat’s procurement is all Positive Allowance in Nickel plate thickness, generally in 0.65mm before pressing. It is contribute longer service life for Shineheat Plate Heat Exchanger.
By many years’ supplying experience in Chlor-alkali industry, we design optimal model of plate heat exchanger by both thermal efficiency, pressure drop and size economical, also take future capacity expansion into consideration, so you will find our enough length in Carrying and Guarding Bar of plate heat exchanger.
The Design Drawing for  Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger

The Photos for Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger